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In the contemporary world, the traffic problems due to massive urbanization have become the everyday ordeal and people somehow get into trouble with their vehicle on the busy city road or elsewhere. Almost in all country and every urban habitat, this problem is a great worry for the authority, as well as, for the police and judiciary; because in most of the cases, the traffic rule breaker caught on the wrong foot, either by rush driving or under influence of liquor/drug. While an individual gets into any kind of auto accident; the very first thing, requiring by the concerned person is the appointment of the accident attorney, who can help the person to fight his case in the courtroom or in negotiation with the insurance company for the justified compensation.

The Amarillo Auto Accident Attorney is having all the required knowledge, skill and professional experience, which help the potential client to get the best solution in the situation of any accidental issue. From the arrangement of bail or preparation of the case on behalf of the client, the attorney use to fight for the medical benefit or compensation, which is a big issue for any accident victim.

Issues to be noted

Whenever an accident occurred on any street or highway, it is often found that the accident victim gets it quite difficult to convince the insurance company for the compensation, because these agents are professional and having all the tricks to deny the actual compensation, while the victim lack the knowledge of the fine points of the insurance. Therefore, in this kind of a situation, the Amarillo Auto Accident Attorney can be the best bet for the victim to get a proper solution of this problem. The attorney uses to prepare the document, in consultation with the client, to submit the same to the insurer and negotiate the valuable issues, which help the client to get the best solution of damage compensation.

It is a well-known fact that the lack of proper documentation and subsequent communications are the most critical issues in the settlement process of any auto accident issue, where an individual needs the support of the attorney, which ensures the maximum compensation from the insurer. The hospital expenses and also the post-hospitalization period, there is a huge expenditure has to bear by the victim and the reimbursement is a big issue, which is properly handled by the accident attorney, with all possible supports.


Not only the hospitalization or treatment of the accident victim, sometimes the loss of limbs or the death occurred and in these kinds of situations, the Amarillo Personal Injury Lawyer can be the best support for the victim or his family. In most of the cases, the insurers try their best to deprive the accident victim of his genuine compensation, by sighting lack of documents and proper filing etc., and the accident attorney can provide the useful tips, which may be helpful to get the maximum possible reimbursement of the actual expenses. The death benefit compensation or sum assurance helps the family to a great extent in their survival. The Amarillo Personal Injury Lawyer can be contacted very easily just by a phone call or through an e. mail and the required services will be at the right place to get the justice at any forum or court for the accident victim.

The Amarillo auto accident lawyer

Every ten seconds in the United States of America finds a new victim of a new road accident. Accidents occur almost every day and no matter how many changes are brought about here and there, nothing truly seems to change. People get hurt, criminals and perpetrators run loose and we really do not know what to do anymore. Some accidents claim lives, some accidents leave a lasting imprint on the lives of all those involved in it. And even if the consequences are not that severe, abrasions received from a truck or another vehicle might leave the other vehicle damaged. Now if the case is this, then generally a direct communication with the insurance company helps in solving the problem. However, when fatality or human decency comes into account then it becomes mandatory for the involvement of an Amarillo auto accident lawyer. Only an experienced Amarillo auto accident lawyer can aid you without letting the lure of the insurance companies fool you.

Now while it is true that nothing can bring back the dead from beneath the grave, if you have never lost a near one to the perils of an accident there are very slim chances the need of Amarillo auto accident lawyer might be a bit lost on you. to simplify things, an Amarillo auto accident lawyer can successfully help you to extract damage compensation in the form of survivor benefits, funeral expenses or hospital wages and bills, the extensive medical bills and uninsured motorist benefits as well as workers’ compensation benefits. And if you have suffered any sort of impairments physically, then as the plaintiff you are liable to be extensively compensated for disfigurements as well as whatever mental harassment and anguish that you might have faced and endured, and your Amarillo auto accident lawyer is eligible enough to get so for you.

The key is to appoint your attorney as soon as the unfortunate incident occurs. This is primarily done to ensure that your rights are preserved and the evidences collected from their respective sources before their contamination is made possible. And only an experienced Amarillo auto accident lawyer can ensure you that.

Since there are multifarious automobile accidents, it becomes a bit confusing sometimes to determine the actual cause behind the accident and whether the victimization of the plaintiff is after all justifiable. Whatever that might be, if you have been hurt, you are eligible to receive monetary compensation of which you possess full entitlement. Hence it becomes an absolute necessity that when it comes to choosing your Amarillo auto accident lawyer, you settle for someone who has the experience, commitment, level of skill and most importantly someone who can cater to your budget and has a fee structure with which you are comfortable. Many Amarillo auto accident lawyers might have ‘no win no fee’ policy if they feel there is enough contingency to the potential preserved in this case and if you are comfortable then go right ahead.

However, do keep in mind before hiring an Amarillo auto accident lawyer that, you should be comfortable with the level of experience that you have settled for and if your attorney has had similar cases in the past and what was the outcome. If you have doubts make sure you have a backup ready in case this fails to work out.

This Child Custody Cases

You, your spouse, and lawyers representing each of you will go before a judge, who will determine who gets custody based on the best interests of each child.

Though this is a subjective decision, a judge will consider several factors to make a reasoned determination. These are the factors that a judge uses to make a decision that favors each child:

  • First, a judge will consider a child’s age. An infant or very young child will often remain with their mother.
  • The judge will also consider the current living situation and how the living situation will change. Where have you and your spouse been living? Will one of you move far away? Will one of you remain in your current home? A judge usually considers how difficult moving can be on a child, especially if they have close friendships or are dedicated to activities in their current community.
  • The judge will also reason, based on testimonies and each spouse’s lifestyle, how close each parent’s relationship is with each child. Fathers may bond more closely with male children, for example. If one parent works from home or part-time, they may have spent more time with their children.
  • Approaching a custody arrangement like a battle can work against you. Judges will often rule in favor of parents that are more cooperative with their current spouse. Parents that seem combative or vocalize their displeasure with other parent will appear to be a negative influence on a child.
  • Children that are about age 12 or older will often have the chance to share their preferences regarding custody or visitation rights. Depending on where you live, considering the child’s preferences, no matter their age, may be a requirement.
  • A judge will also have a keen eye for signs of abuse or neglect. A judge will rule firmly against a parent who has abused or neglected a child.
  • In addition, details about your lifestyle, income, hobbies, and overall emotional stability will be called into question.

Some Witness Hearing Before the Criminal Courts

If the court requests to hear the statement of one of the witnesses, it has the right to ensure their attendance by issuing a warrant order, if the court finds it to be necessary. The court has another discretionary power, to charge the witnesses for not attending the hearing. However, it would not be more than 1000 Dirhams. If he did not attend after receiving a fine, the court has a discretionary power to issue an arrest order against the witness.

If, however, the witnesses, apologized to for not attending the hearing and provide reasons such as sickness, the court has the right to re-locate or move the witness’s place, if the court finds it to be necessary.

Nevertheless, if the court considers that the excuse of the witness if false, it will have the right to order jail sentence, not more than three months or fines not exceeding 2000 Dirhams.

One of the most common questions which will be addressed to all witness would be about their nationality, address, relationship with the victim or the accused. They would also inquire if the witnesses had been held in the police stations or the Prosecution before. The court has the right to request for the witnesses’ previous statement to be read out loud during the hearing, in case it is contradictory.

If there is a witness hearing in the criminal proceedings, the prosecutors, the victim, the accused and his attorney have the right to address the questions to the witnesses, however, it would be subjected to the approval of the court.

Although it is unlikely to be accepted but both parties, have the right to request, rehearing for the same witness or to request additional witnesses. Witnesses may not be heard together. Each one, usually are heard individually.

In most of the cases, the court asks them to not leave the chamber until the hearing is completed. However, the courts have the right to make the witnesses confront one another. The courts may refuse addressing any questions to the witnesses, if they consider it to be irrelevant or not related to the case. The courts have to protect the witnesses’ implicit or explicit statements that might cause distraction or intimidation. Furthermore, the court has the right to refuse listening to any facts from the witnesses, which it deems to be sufficiently clear.

After the hearing is completed, the court has the discretionary power to allow the prosecutor, accused and all other parties to the case to have a talk. In all cases, the accused shall be the last one to talk, which is in accordance with Article 169 of UAE Criminal Procedures Law. The courts have the discretionary power to prevent the accused or other parties in the case, to speak outside of the litigation or to keep them from repeating their statement on irrelevant points.

If one of the accused did not attend in the beginning of the hearing, the court might reconsider permitting him to attend upon his late arrival. However, it falls under the discretion of the court.

Lastly, it important for all witnesses to bring their own ID along before attending the hearings.

Disclaimer: This article comprises broad and general information about legal materials. The material is general advice and not legal advice, and should not be treated as such. The legal information in this article is provided is extracted from the UAE Criminal Procedures Law Federal Law No. (35) Of the Year 1992 and based on our experiences as a law firm. The information provided are only guidelines. You should certainly not postpone pursuing legal advice, ignore legal advice, or begin or suspend any legal action because of information provided in this article. You must not rely on the information in this article as a substitute to legal counsel from your attorney or any other practiced professional legal services provider.This information is drafted by licensed legal practitioner and sent from Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants which is duly licensed law firm to practice law under UAE Law.