The Vulnerability of Child Abuse Accusations

Apart from the personal ignominy one would suffer from being accused of such a shameless act it could also have the accused spending a few weeks of incarceration, though being innocent of the crime.

Hence it would be prudent of those who deal with children in their day to day activities to set certain disciplines so that no such finger would be pointed at them.

Although implementation might be a difficult it is imperative that those in vulnerable positions and holding such office and responsibilities that concern children not find themselves being accused for crimes that they haven’t committed.

We list below some of the DONTS that should be practiced for those who are in such positions as listed above. It is imperative to keep yourself safe from being tainted with untruths, which could sometimes last forever.

# Avoid being alone with a child or children without another adult being present with you. If you are compelled to, still avoid it.

# Avoid placing yourself in a position of confrontation with your spouse present or former spouse and take your battle to a court of law when there are chances that you could be falsely accused of abusing your child, or another. Try to settle the dispute amicably.

# Never indulge in any inappropriate behavior with children or engage in sexually suggestive actions and other implicit actions that could be misconstrued by others or even by the children.

# If you are accused of any inappropriate behavior with a child or children immediately seek legal advice and follow strict instructions of your legal counsel.

# Try to educate yourself of what you are accused of and the seriousness of the charges and be frank and open with your legal counsel as to the events that transpired on the day in question.

# Keep your legal counsel apprised and informed of the developments.

# Collect evidence from your friends, relations, colleagues and neighbors who would vouch for your character and provide you with a good defense.

# Find those who would testify on your behalf in court and sign affidavits to exonerate you of the charge. The more people who could vouch for your past behavior could mean the difference of getting you off the hook.

# If it is a custody battle that you are facing with your spouse, try to keep the same relationships you had with the children throughout the time of the new drama. Children may not be a party to the issue but if they are get legal advice.

Child abuse is a serious social issue and if you are accused of such a crime it is in the best interests of you, the accuser and the child that the issue is thoroughly investigated and the truth revealed as it could have adverse effects to all those concerned in the future.